2021 Pitch Wars Mentor Bio & Wishlist!

For a plain text version of this wishlist, please click here. Hey there, Pitch Warriors! We are so excited to be co-mentoring this year! We’ve been working together as friends and CPs since we connected on Twitter in 2014, and it’s safe to say we are very familiar with each other’s tastes in books (andContinue reading “2021 Pitch Wars Mentor Bio & Wishlist!”

Conquering the Synopsis

Oh the dreaded synopsis. Just that eight-letter word strikes fear into the hearts of writers. My dirty little secret? I actually kinda enjoy writing them. Give me a choice between a synopsis and a query, and I’d pick a synopsis every single time. Think of it this way: With a query you only get 300Continue reading “Conquering the Synopsis”

Polishing Those Pages

Querying is scary business. You’ve worked and cried and bled over your manuscript, sometimes for so many months or years that you pretend you’re not counting. Now, you’re ready to send it out. Your query is bright and shiny as a new penny, but how about those first pages? Here are some tips to help youContinue reading “Polishing Those Pages”

Make That Query Shine

Over the past few weeks, I’ve spent quite a bit of time judging the entries for this year’s Query Kombat, which is hosted by the wonderful Michelle Hauck (@Michelle4laughs), Michael Anthony (@Ravenous Rushing), and SC (@SC_Author). In case you’re not familiar with the contest, 64 entries were chosen based on their query and first 250Continue reading “Make That Query Shine”

Hello, Camp NaNoWriMo

Camp NaNoWriMo. About a year ago, I saw this bandied about on Twitter for the very first time. I frowned at the abbreviation, trying to puzzle it out. People asked about who was going and talked about their cabins. Of course I was picturing a real-life cabin with a bunch of writers piled inside, blindsContinue reading “Hello, Camp NaNoWriMo”